Mediterranean cuisine

A healthy, flavoursome and varied buffet

Restaurant Amarelo

The “Amarelo” is a restaurant serving home-made, healthy and regional dishes.

For breakfast, we serve up home-made bread, Greek yoghurt, honey, a range of jams and preserves, cereals, fresh fruit, eggs along with other ingredients making up the Mediterranean diet.

For the main meals, beyond a diverse range of fresh salads, the traditional Portuguese recipes are well featured: octopus rice, grilled tuna, garlic skate, baked cod and stewed lamb, among many others.

We use local and typical Portuguese ingredients such as fresh herbs, olive oil, tomato, sweet potatoes, oranges and other fresh produce.

We also strive to please all cultures and those with special dietary needs.

Open all year around. Buffet service with drinks included (water, soft beverages, white and red wines and beer).

Restaurante Amarelo - Cabanas de Tavira
Bar A Vela - Cabanas de Tavira

Snack-bar A Vela

The A Vela bar, next to the swimming pools, is invitingly pleasant for a coffee, a fruit juice or another drink over the course of the day.

For everybody who likes their lunch in the open air or enjoying the beach until later on, we serve regional dishes, salads and snacks capable of pleasing all ages according to a client-friendly timetable.

In the evening, come and have a drink and take in one of our events in a relaxed and entertaining atmosphere.

Open only in the summer, between 10am and 11pm.

A Barca Bar

This bar, adjoining the reception desk, open all year round, contains three different areas:

An indoor terrace where you might take in football matches and other television programs in cheerful and informal surroundings.

The Coral Room, a more reserved, quieter area for chatting and board games.

Finally, the outdoor terrace, in a garden with a covered area.

Bar A Barca - Cabanas de Tavira

Our board options

Choose the best option for your holidays

Breakfast, lunch and dinner in our buffet restaurant.
A selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from 10am to 11pm.
Snack from 4pm to 5pm.

List of drinks on All Inclusive
Mineral Water (not bottled) *Sparkling Water (not bottled) *Coca-Cola (not bottled) *
Sprite (not bottled) *Fanta (not bottled) *Fruit Juices (not bottled) *
Hot ChocolateBeer (draft) *Sangria
Red Wine *White Wine *Vinho Rosé (restaurant) *
Cocktail of the DayWhiskyPort Wine
Fig FirewaterVodkaGinjinha (bitter cherry liqueur)
Amarguinha (almond digestif)Moscatel WineRum

* Drinks included for lunch and dinner

  • Breakfast in our buffet restaurant.
  • Breakfast and dinner at our buffet restaurant.
  • Drinks included in meals (excluding coffee).
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner at our buffet restaurant.
  • Drinks included in meals (excluding coffee).