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The rural hinterland

Inland adventures  


The gentle sun of autumn, winter and spring invites visitors out to walk the rural countryside and lost places of the hilly hinterland of the Algarve. From Faz-Fato and Estorninhos, in the highlands, you can view the rolling hills of the Algarve’s Barrocal, with its fields of holm oak, almond, fig, carob and olive trees. The lagoon and then the sea emerge in the distance. 

For hiking and more challenging cycling, the Via Algarviana provides attractive routes between Alcoutim, on the banks of the River Guadiana, and Cachopo (not always well signposted, however). Dotted arounds these lands, the inhabitants of Cachopo live off agriculture, cattle breeding, bee keeping and the production of cork and woven cloth.

For active holidays, explore the highlands. Follow the cork routes and set off on adventure, searching for the local medronho fortified liquor, the honey and goat’s cheese – whether on foot, bicycle, car or in a 4-wheel drive. Get acquainted with the local gastronomy: açorda breaded hen, cabidela rice, roast goat, game….

In Barrocal, you can also visit the Mata de Santa Rita woods.