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#MyGoldenMoments Contest

Share the best moments of your holidays with us, by tagging your pictures with #MyGoldenMoments, for a chance to win a special weekend at Golden Club Cabanas!

Deadline date: 15/09/2019


Contest Rules

Golden Club Cabanas will host a social networking contest (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) between July 6th and September 15th, whose name is "#MyGoldenMoments". To participate in this contest, you must follow the next conditions:

Summer holidays are synonymous of good weather, beach, pool, friendships - the perfect recipe to create unforgettable moments.

The goal of this contest is to challenge our clients to share the moment that best represents their holidays in the Golden Club Cabanas, in a creative and fun way, with the specific hashtag of the #MyGoldenMoments contest.

Participation in this contest presupposes the acceptance of these terms and conditions.


1 - Organization

Golden Club Cabanas organizes an interactive online contest for clients and potential clients, called "#MyGoldenMoments", which will be governed by the terms and conditions of this Regulation.


2 - Duration of the Competition

The "#MyGoldenMoments" competition starts at 12:30 p.m. on August 6, 2018 and ends at 11:59 p.m. on September 9, 2018.


3 - Participants

3.1 The contest is exclusively for all Golden Club Cabanas customers.

3.2 Participants who do not comply with the Rules shall not be entitled to the prize.

3.3 Golden Club Cabanas reserves the exclusive right to deny the right to participate to any individual that don’t follow the rules and conditions.

3.4 In case of error, misunderstanding or conflict about the functioning of any aspects of this competition, as well as with respect to the participants' performance, the decision taken by the Golden Club Cabanas will be considered conclusive and definitive.

3.5 Golden Club Cabanas reserves the right to make the necessary decisions for the normal course of this contest.

4 - How to participate

4.1 To participate each person must publish an original and creative photograph in their personal Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account that shows a moment of their vacations in the complex of the Golden Club Cabanas.

4.2 The photograph must be published with the hashtag #MyGoldenMoments and the identification of the Golden Club Cabanas page/user profile (@goldenclubcabanas for Facebook and Instagram, and @goldencabanas for Twitter)

4.3 The user must have clicked “Like” in the Golden Club Cabanas page (for Facebook) or follow Golden Club Cabanas’ profile (for Instagram and Twitter)

4.4 The photographs in the contest must be published from the first day of the competition, that is, from July 6th. Previously published photos will not be accepted.

4.5 Users can participate with more than one photo.

4.6 The participants' Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile must be public so that the photos are visible and approved.

4.7 Participants should not submit photographs that, due to their presentation or other aspects, may be considered offensive to good manners or susceptible to incite violence or discrimination of any kind.

4.8 Participations that violate the provisions of the previous paragraph or that, in any way, violate the law or rights of third parties, will be excluded from the competition.


5 - Winners' qualification

The winners of this competition will be determined as follows:

5.1 The photograph that got more “likes” in each social media network

5.2 One winner in each social media network (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) will be elected.


6 - Communication from the winner

6.1 The winner will be announced through the Golden Club Cabanas Instagram, Facebook and Twitter page.

6.2 The winner must indicate their personal data (name, contact, address) through a private message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter of Golden Club Cabanas.

6.3 The winner will have up to 15 days to provide their personal data under the penalty of being disqualified from the competition, and their prize will be awarded to the participant who, according to the rules of participation, will be included in the list of winners, respecting the procedure until the prize is awarded or the list of competitors is exhausted.


7 - Winner

The winner of the "#MyGoldenMoments" Contest will receive a voucher-offer with 1 weekend at Golden Club Cabanas.


8 - Delivery of prizes

8.1 The voucher will be sent to the email indicated by the winner.

8.2 The prize will be sent within a maximum period of 7 days.


9 - Privacy and processing of personal data

9.1 Participants allow their photos to be used for promotional purposes on the Golden Club Cabanas Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page.

9.2 The provision of personal data is mandatory for the prize.

9.3 Participants allow the data provided to be collected and processed by Golden Club Cabanas for the purpose of contact and prize award.

9.4 Golden Club Cabanas guarantees the confidentiality and security of users' personal data.


10 - Various provisions

10.1 Participation in the competition implies full compliance with this regulation.

10.2 Golden Club Cabanas reserves the right not to accept participations that do not comply with the rules of this Regulation, as well as to disqualify participants, whenever it finds any violation of this Regulation or any evidence of fraudulent participation.

10.3 Golden Club Cabanas is not responsible for situations to which it is unrelated, namely due to malfunctioning of the Facebook, Twitter or Instagram platform.

10.4 If fraud is suspected, participants will be eliminated from the competition without prior notice.

10.5 It is up to the Golden Club Cabanas to decide on any omission in this regulation, and must disclose the decision adopted on the Golden Club Cabanas Facebook page.

10.6 Golden Club Cabanas reserves the right to suspend, at any time, temporarily or definitively the present contest as well as to introduce any changes to this Regulation, which they consider justified or necessary, assuming the obligation to disclose properly the changes in the site dedicated to the present contest.