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“Via Algarviana: The hinterland”

Discover the landscapes and the peoples of the Algarve hinterland on foot - or by bike, for those in excellent shape

The Via Algarviana runs across the Algarve hinterland all the way from the Guadiana River as far as Cape São Vicente. Explore the paths between Alcoutim, on the banks of the Guadiana, and Cachopo, both about an hour’s drive from Golden Club Cabanas. The paths are not always in the best state of preservation or properly signposted.


Maps and other useful information:

Setor 1: Alcoutim-Balurcus, 24 km
Setor 2: Balurcus-Furnazinhas, 14 km
Setor 3: Furnazinhas-Vaqueiros, 20 km
Setor 4: Vaqueiros-Cachopo, 15 km